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What caregivers need to know

before bringing amazing young people to

The Safe Calm Place:






Therapy involves you, too!


You are the number one person who will be guiding your child on their healing journey. Even though this role can be so challenging, it is the most necessary and ultimately the most rewarding. And it will be easier if you come, be present, and participate in sessions when needed. If you have questions about this, always feel free to ask. Participation will look different for everyone so it is typical that we will continuously discuss this part of therapy.


Therapy will only work when we admit what is hard for us as adults when it comes to our children.


This may mean admitting what is frustrating or sad for us, or it may mean recognizing an old trauma that is getting triggered by our child’s pain and subsequent behavior. Our training allows us to support children in their emotional growth as well as adults, so if something arises in or out of session that you would like support addressing, know that we are willing and able to help. Frequently, we conduct separate sessions with a caregiver for multiple reasons, including building coping techniques and emotion regulation, strengthening effective parenting skills, and processing trauma memories or emotionally stuck places that are getting in the way of secure attachment and best parenting.


Model for your child what you want to see in them. 


Always easier said than done. Some of the basics include showing them how to ask for help, expressing your feelings (not just the positive ones!) in ways that are safe for you and others, and being kind to yourself. These simple things will support any of our efforts together and are therapeutic for both of you.




Visits are typically an hour long. Scheduling can be done by phone, text, or email. But please remember to contact your therapist 24 hours ahead if you need to cancel. After that I will need to charge you a $50 late cancellation or no show fee. Our time is valuable-- just as yours is, just as your child’s is! If possible make sure your child has eaten before session or brings a snack and water bottle.


I will require your presence in the office, even if you are not participating actively in a session.


This is primarily for the safety of your child in the case of an emergency, but also because when creative, insightful, therapeutic moments occur, children are often excited to share these with their caregivers. Your ability to be a witness to their growth and joy is what helps the healing work keep going.


If you have concerns about your child’s progress in therapy please let us know as soon as they arise.


Therapy can be a confusing process and the uncertain nature of how long healing or progress can take is not unusual. When in doubt, reach out.

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